Tenby Chase Neighborhood in Delran, New Jersey

The Tenby Chase development is and has been one of the most successful communities and developments in Delran. It was planned with a sense of community, leaving aside strategic parcels of land to build soccer fields, baseball fields, and parks. These considerations and the quality of the homes, even 50 years later make, Tenby Chase one of the more desirable communities in South Jersey. The demand for properties and the values they command reflect this. Key Properties is proud to be the township’s sole and exclusive real estate agency located within its borders.

Tenby Chase is one of the larger communities in Delran Township. It is comprised of single-family homes, with variations on about a dozen models. The homes were originally conceived in the late 1960s and were constructed in the early 1970s.

Construction was begun by The Scarborough Corporation, and in those days a young Robert Scarborough made his rounds through the construction sites and personally ensured that contractors maintained the quality Scarborowood demands.

It was believed to be an urban myth that Scarborough would personally inspect the framing on the houses, and would not allow insulation, sheet rock, plumbing and electrical work to start until he initialed one of the rafters in approval. But I (Tony Balboni) recently purchased a property and had to enter the attic area to address an issue, and I discovered a large R written across one of the timbers in the roof framing. It turns out it wasn’t a myth after all.

As many people involved in Tenby Chase construction and real estate could tell you, early development had oil as the primary heating fuel for homes. Nearly all of the homes in the Scarborough development had oil tanks buried underground. In the early 1970s, there was a moratorium on gas hookups resulting from a nationwide gas shortage. When the natural gas moratorium was lifted, the newly constructed homes were outfitted with natural gas heat.

As a result, the number of homes with fuel oil as a primary source of heat are dwindling, as homeowners replace systems out of necessity due to age with natural gas systems.

Most of the homes that had oil tanks buried underground are based on the northern side of Tenby Chase, close to U.S. Route 130. Today, it’s difficult to find many homes with oil heat built by Scarborough, but you should still be aware of the legacy.

If you’re purchasing a Tenby Chase home, be sure that the oil tank was removed properly or abandoned in place and properly tested, to ensure there is no oil leakage or contamination on the property you’re considering. Your local broker should be aware of not only which sections of Tenby Chase had oil tanks, but also where they are typically located with each model. Locating the oil tank is fairly inexpensive, but dealing with a previously leaking tank can be expensive and difficult, especially if you discover this after closing on the home.

Oil tank caveats aside, the Tenby Chase development is an attractive, family-friendly community, and we are proud to represent real estate buyers in the area. Reach out to us today to find out more about how owning a Tenby Chase home can be a wonderful new start for your family and a long term investment for your future.