Mortgage & Title

At Key Properties, we don’t believe in a “one size fits all” philosophy when it comes to connecting our customers with mortgage and title insurance providers. Every one of our customers has a different financial situation and needs, and we work to connect the buyer with the right providers.


In our years in business, we’ve regularly referred dozens of mortgage lenders to our clients. Mortgage companies offer different types of loans, terms and products for buyers, so we take the time to analyze our clients’ specific needs when it comes to financing. We pride ourselves in helping borrowers find the best possible solution.

Sometimes this means a referral to an Internet-based lender. But in most cases, we find that the local lenders who understand the current market and local requirements are best suited to help our clients get competitive rates and settle on time.

We welcome you to contact us today if you’d like a full list of lenders we’ve worked with in the past. We can also help you narrow down the best sources for your financing.


It’s important for you to know certain things when you’re searching for a title company. For example, does the company have a presence in the community where you’re purchasing a home? Does their history indicate they’ll be there for years to come if there’s a problem? Does your broker have a strong enough relationship with the company to make the necessary changes or modifications?

At Key Properties, we’ve had dozens of local real estate title companies service our clients, but we have a preference for two in particular that we can connect you with during your real estate transaction.

Remember, just finding the lowest quote is far less important than ensuring that your title is protected properly. Should a title company miss an important detail, the liability could be far larger than any savings. We can help you choose a company that will answer your questions, and be there when it matters.